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Francesca Villarreal for SBCUSD School Board

Dream Big, Work Hard, Make it Happen!

As a mother, wife, social worker, and former high school science teacher, Francesca Villarreal is here to pave the way to make positive changes in our school district. Here you will find everything you need to know about Francesca Villarreal, how she got her start in education and mental health, areas of focus, and how you too can join their cause.


Francesca Villarreal is the product of her grandmother Pricilla's determination and perseverance. In the 70s, Priscilla immigrated with her husband and four children to the United States from Trinidad & Tobago to make a better life for them and generations to come. Francesca's grandmother emphasized the importance of getting an education, having strong faith, and working hard. Francesca honors her grandmother by running for SBCUSD School Board under the name Francesca Priscilla Villarreal. 




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